We are currently preparing a planning application for the site which will be informed by a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We expect to submit the application by the end of the year following consultation with the local community and stakeholders.

Infrastructure and Access

A key part of the plans will be ensuring that we have the right infrastructure in place to support the development.

The site will be connected to the existing gas and electricity infrastructure and there will be no disruption of supply to surrounding properties. The site is wholly within Environment Agency Flood Zone 1 land meaning there is a very low probability of flooding on the site. Drainage will use a mixture of natural runoff and existing drainage to ensure any risk of flooding is kept to an absolute minimum.

Site Heritage

We have carried out detailed site assessments to identify any heritage assets. Our survey found some heritage assets within the site including Bradley Hall Moat which is designated as a scheduled monument.

The plans are designed to avoid the heritage assets and we are creating a construction management plan to further protect against any potential disruption.  The emerging scheme is designed to retain the existing moat and provide some visibility and access to it from the public rights of way. The more modern farm buildings will be demolished and the moat site will be positively re-used as part of the overall development.